Monday, September 7, 2009

"Blessings From My Boys"

We have had a really crazy weekend. Matt golfed on Thursday. We fished as a family on Friday and had a bonfire. Matt fished with my dad and his dad on Saturday and then we tailgated on Saturday and Matt went to the game. Now, I know what you are thinking right now, "Wow, Monica you are such an incredible wife to bless your husband with so much fun time to himself." Stop, really!! I must tell you the truth, Matt never does anything fun for himself. He just happened to cram it all into the last three days. He deserved it! And, I think to qualify for the whole "incredible wife" thing, it would have required a wonderful attitude on my part. I had a great attitude on Thursday & Friday, but by the time Saturday arrived...let's just say my halo was beginning to tarnish to say the least. Anyway, I had 6 kids Saturday night, then cooked lunch for Sunday, got all 4 kids ready for church, we had friends over for lunch (which was an absolute blessing) but in the meantime my mountain of laundry was beginning to GROW & GROW! (Don't pretend you don't have a mountain in your laundry room.) I tried praying over it and "Saying to this mountain, move from here." But apparently my mustard seed faith was lacking. We woke up this Labor Day morning with the intent of cleaning house and doing yard work. (Thus Labor Day!) But, when no one had clean socks to wear so we could go outside, "IT WAS TIME." I cooked breakfast, we ate and then I decided to watch cartoons with Jacob for just a few minutes. 2 HOURS later when I woke up I found my mountain movers. Matt and the boys had been diligently working on laundry and now my mountain is just a couple of small mounds. I am so blessed to have a house full of boys who want to bless their Mommy. They have a really good teacher...aka "their daddy". Maybe they just needed clean socks, but I like to think of it as "Blessings from my boys."

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