Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Be Thankful For What You Are Served"

I am a country cook! Yes, I fry food, I use bacon grease on occasion and I feel the need to grow my own vegetables and can and freeze them instead of buying them at the store. My children are really good eaters and love the way mommy cooks. Last night I decided to cook a meal that I loved as a child. I can remember my Grammie cooking this and when I serve it, I am flooded with memories. Fried ham steak, navy beans and kale. Make a little red eye gravy for the ham, put some salt pork in those navy beans and season that kale with some homemade pepper sauce and whee doggies, we got ourselves a supper. I fixed my children's plates and we all sat down to eat. Joshua took a bite of his ham and said, "Oh my goodness that ham is so good. That's the same kind of "chicken" we eat on Valentine's day." Every meat at our house is a form of chicken. Caleb looks at his plate and says, "I think I like everything, but the seaweed (kale)." Now my boys usually are not very picky, but let me just say...no one ate the seaweed. They devoured the ham and came back time and time again for more. They were all starving, but they only ate what they liked. A part of me wanted to yell, "BE THANKFUL AND EAT WHAT YOU ARE SERVED." or quote my mother from years ago and just say "EAT IT!" I refrained! I began to think about the fact that I am not always thankful for what I am served. I like some things that the Lord lays on my plate, but then there are other things that I just do not want to partake of. I know those things will strengthen me, help me and make me stronger in Him, but I don't like them. I love the yummy things in life that appear as blessings, but the cancer, the lack of money, the sickness of a child, the adversity, or anything else that requires me to be inconvienced, I would rather just leave on the plate and not partake of it. I know sometimes the Lord wants to say to me..."Eat it!" But instead He says "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34:8 I know Him and I know that He is good! He is always good! His will is always good, pleasing and perfect. If I know that my Lord is good, then why would I not want to partake of whatever He places on my plate? I trust Him as my Father and I will "Be Thankful For What I Am Served!"

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  1. Love your blog, such good applicable truth! I have a great Kale recipe you should try:
    pour a little olive oil in a wok pan and heat med high, once oil is hot, dice a clove or two of garlic and put in hot oil for 30 seconds, add kale, saute for about 9 min or until tender, remove kale, flavor by adding pepper, salt and lemon juice, yummy! Kinda a hot lettuce/spinachy tasting.