Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Are My Children Loud?"

Are my children loud? "Not when they are sleeping." Do you ever feel that way about the little people living in your home? Jacob just crawled up behind me and wrapped his arms around my neck. I said, "Are you loud?" He said, "No, I'm a Hawkins!" I told him he was a "Loud Hawkins." Somehow today they have been extremely loud. I can definitely hear my children. I can hear them play, I can hear them sing, I can hear them "argue", I can hear them!!! Even though it can be ear piercing at time, I love to hear the sound of my children's voices. I love that Matthew sings off key, I love that Caleb does impersonations all the time. I love that Joshua can't say his 'r' and 'l' very well, but uses the vocabulary of a 40 year old. I love that Jacob talks like a cave man. (Me want juice. Me take bath. No, night night.) Others cannot appreciate the sound of their voice quite like I can and they don't enjoy it nearly as much, if at all. They are my children! I love to hear them!

I'm so glad my Heavenly Father feels that way about me. I can be loud, I can sing off key, I can impersonate whether it be good or bad the voices of others and I can be demanding like a cave man. "Me want macbook pro,God!" No matter what I say or do He still loves me. Not because of what I say and do, but in spite of it. He longs to hear His children talk to Him, pray to Him, sing praise to Him. He loves the sound of our voice. His love for us is long, it is deep and it is wide. Even when it is ear piercing to others and sounds like the phone conversations of a Charlie Brown cartoon "waaa, waaa, waaa waaa" it is precious music in His ears. He is our Father and He loves to hear His children. Talk to Him!

Ephesians 3:18 "May you be able to feel and understand as all God's children should, how long, how wide, how deep and how high his love really is and to experience this love for yourselves."

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