Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Treasure In Heaven" (Part 2)

I have learned over the years that God blesses us because He loves us and He is a loving Father, but He also showers us with blessings in order to mold us and shape us and use the blessings to conform us into His image. I thankfully received the blessing of the van and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a gift from God, but over the last year I have had to learn some really hard lessons that should not have been hard. We got the van the first week of July and the first event we drove the van to was our family 4th of July celebration. I made a strawberry pie that apparently was not set well and my husband placed it in the floorboard of the back of the van. When we arrived it had sloshed into a big puddle in the floor of this 1 week old van and I lost it. I was not a blessing to my husband, to my children and needless to say there was no godliness or patriotism expressed through my attitude that day. Oxi-clean came to the rescue and all was well, but this was the beginning of understanding this is a temporal blessing that will pass away one day. Now don't get me wrong, we need to be good stewards of our blessings, but if being a good steward means crying and snapping your husband's head off, then it becomes a choice to value possessions over people. About 3 months ago I came out of Walmart and had a big ding in the driver's side door. Needless to say, I was upset and vowed to never shop a Walmart again, or until I needed more laundry detergent. 1 month ago we were in Maplesville at a Homecoming service and we were visiting with some friends when I hear Jacob say look mommy and I hear scraping. He had picked up 2 small rocks and was creating his masterpiece on the side of the van. Thankfully, he does not know the meaning of elbow grease and the light scratches buffed out easily. The one that sent me over the final edge was 2 weeks ago when I walked out of Target and from the giant red ball I could see a long white scratch down the side of my van. I stopped in my tracks and said, "What in the world?" I called Matt saying that the van had been keyed and I was going to summons the surveillance cameras at Target, call the police and find who did this and they were going to pay for the damage. My loving husband calmed me down and said, "It is just a car. It is not worth loosing your peace over. You won't accomplish anything by doing all of that. We will take care of it." After returning home, Matt inspected the damage and said he did not think it had been keyed, but instead it looked like someone had been squeezing through and a purse, a belt or a stroller had scraped the side. That day God finally got my attention and showed me that He had given this blessing to me and yes I was to be a good steward of it, but not to hold it too closely or my blessing would rob me of my joy and contentment and become a source of stress and worry. The Lord has continued to encourage me to store up treasures in heaven and as Matt would say, "Send it on ahead." As we store up treasure in heaven where moth and rust and strawberry pie and rocks and keys cannot destroy, we have the assurance of knowing that we are placing our treasures in the hand of one who is a much better steward than we are and who will multiply and flourish those treasures. Matthew 6:19-21 "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Where is your treasure today? See where your treasure is and there you will find your heart. I am thankful for the blessing of my van, but it is no longer where my heart is. I will continue to wash, vacuum and Armor All and care for this blessing, but by the grace of God I will never again loose my peace over that which is a treasure of earth.


  1. Ack! Oh, how I learned a lesson right along these lines with our car. It broke down again and this time, we had to get another one because to fix the problem would have cost a pretty good penny. To say that I am not happy with the new car, that's an understatement. I MISS MY CAR.

    God is dealing with my flesh. I was, and still am very attached to that car and God had to show me the place it was holding in my heart. A place that should be filled with Him.

    I totally feel your sister!

  2. Oh Monica... When you said that Jacob used the side of the car as a canvas... oh did I relate!!!!

    Peter decided to "help" and found some sandpaper, and decided to sand down the front doors of my Saturn Vue. Yeah. Not a happy mommy. Of course he didn't think that anything was wrong. He just was copying what daddy and grandpa did, so it was ok.

    When we got to the farm (we had been on our way out there and he was unsupervised for a few moments) and I got out to help him find something and saw the passenger side door. When I asked him what happened... he cheerfully said that he used sandpaper, and then his voice fell as he saw my face, and finished with, "to smooth out your door...."

    I asked him if that was all, and he showed me the driver's door too. I sent him off to play, because it was obvious that he had no idea what he had done... After I got over my anger and frustration, I was able to share with him that he had to ask permission before he used "tools" to "work" on something....
    Now, I see the doors and manage to giggle, because it reminds me of my Peter and his desire to "help."
    ...and it makes me let go of the treasures of this world.
    Thanks for sharing this story. I can relate more that you could imagine!!! :)

    Love and God bless,