Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"The Little Things Are Big To Me"

I use to think that it would be the BIG things in marriage that would mean the most. You know like a dozen red roses for no reason, a surprise date, an unexpected piece of jewelry or a special anniversary trip. Well, after 13 years of marriage it's not the BIG things but the "little" things that mean the most. Maybe it is because roses die, we do have an occasional date, but it's hard to surprise a woman with 4 children. Jewelry costs money unless you eat your way to jewel and I'm not a cracker jack fan and special anniversary trips apparently happen every 5 years and we've only been married 13. (You do the math.) It has become the "little" things that Matt does for me everyday that mean the most. He is great at swapping over laundry just because. Filling my car up with gas. Surprising me with breakfast in bed. Cleaning out the dishwasher because someone will have to eventually and my favorite...making the sandwiches for lunch boxes. I don't know why but I despise making sandwiches. I will stand in the kitchen and whip up a loaf of homemade banana bread, make a pan of brownies, a fruit pizza or made from scratch cookies, but I HATE making sandwiches. Last night we were getting the kids in the bed and tidying up for the night when Matt walked to the back and I asked "Whatcha been doin?" "MAKING SANDWICHES," was his reply. I was so excited. He knows how I put it off. He knows how I breathe a loud sigh as I pull out the bread, the mayo, the mustard and the turkey. He pays attention! He knows what blesses me. I wouldn't trade 100 roses or a sparkling tennis bracelet for all the "little" things my husband does to bless me. I know that the "little" things require a greater sacrifice. It requires that he pay attention and that his heart is one with mine as he senses the need and meets it. I am blessed beyond measure! I have been wondering today though, what "little" things do I do to make his life a little more blessed. (Well, there's that, but this is a public blog.) I use to lay out  his clothes and put the toothpaste on his toothbrush, but now I do that for 4 other little guys. I want to be the blessing to him that he is to me. If you have someone in your life that blesses you beyond measure (or even if they don't), pay attention this week to the "little" things they do that might not be so "little" to them and seek to meet that need. Join me in looking for ways to make "the little things big."  As my Joshua reminds me often "Jesus came to serve, not to be served."

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