Monday, October 19, 2009

"Jaw Droppingly Beautiful"

Last Friday night our 15 year old friend/neighbor was getting ready for her homecoming dance. My boys were all out front playing "front yard football" when she walked outside to take homecoming pictures with her date. We walked over to see her dress, her shoes, her hair, her flowers and her beau. We don't have a girl in our home so we live vicariously through those who do. When we came in from the pre-homecoming photography shoot Joshua commented on how beautiful our friend looked. Caleb said, "She wasn't just beautiful she was incredibly beautiful." Matthew chimed in "She was jaw droppingly beautiful." The boys were correct. She was indeed jaw droppingly beautiful. We talked for a little while about what makes a young lady beautiful. We ALL agreed she was beautiful, but what makes her even more beautiful are the things that a camera will never capture. To watch this young lady as she interacts with her younger brother is precious. The way she respects and honors her mother and daddy is a true blessing. I know without a doubt that recognizing outward beauty is something that I will never have to teach my children. Inner beauty is something however that they will have to search a little harder to discover. As the mother of 4 boys I want them to understand what true beauty is and to search for that inner beauty. In today's culture that is not the popular or even the easiest thing to do, but it is the most important. As the mother of sons I pray for their future wives. (I pray Prov.31 and Titus 2) I pray that the qualities described in these two passages of scripture will be the things that are attractive to my boys. I pray that my boys will develop characteristics that would attract such young ladies one day. I pray, but I also teach my boys what these qualities look like. I know they are still young, but it is never too early to cast the vision within their hearts and pray that these are the convictions of their hearts. If you have young children I encourage you to begin to pray now for these biblical qualities to take root in the hearts of your children and their future mates.

I Peter 3:4 "Instead, your beauty should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."

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  1. I love what you shared here! The balance of praying for and teaching your sons is so wise.
    I wish all men would learn to value inner beauty over outer beauty...what a difference it would make in the hearts and lives of women.
    Thanks for being a beautiful example of a godly mother!