Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About Monica

Monica's "Professional" Bio:

Monica Hawkins has been equipping and encouraging women through ministry for over twenty-two years. Since the time she accepted Christ as a young child she has had a love for Jesus and His word and a heart to teach and encourage others to love the Lord. Through the years she has taught many women’s Bible studies, discipled young women, taught classes on purity and has a heart to see young mothers and wives understand their biblical calling. She is the founder of Mommy Moments Ministry, Moment by Moments ministries. She serves alongside her husband Matt in ministry in Ripley, TN. They have been in ministry together for 22 years. Her greatest mission is her four sons.. Monica stays busy teaching senior English  and discipling her four sons Matthew, Caleb, Joshua &; Jacob.

Monica's "Personal" Bio:
I have been in love with Jesus since I was 5 years old. I've been in love with and married to the most wonderful man in the world for 22 years. We have 4 wonderful boys...Matthew - 19, Caleb - 17,  Joshua - 14,  Jacob - 11. I love frogs, snuggling up and watching a fun movie with my boys, watching them play soccer, wii and hearing them sing praises to Jesus. I love going out with my husband for sushi and being able to flirt with him all day. He still makes my heart flutter with the wink of his eye, the sound of his voice, the touch of his hand and the smell of his cologne. I love him more everyday. I love to cook and I already know that I will be the old lady that says..."You've hardly eaten a thing, go ahead eat some more...What do you need baby? You look hungry." I love having a house full of kids and I love that I have complete and total OCD where my house is concerned. I live paranoid, always wondering if everyone I know is o.k or if they need something. I absolutely love watching those around me grow in their faith and learn more about Jesus and loving Him everyday. I have cancer, but I also have a total peace about it and actually I am thankful for it because of what I have learned from it and what I have seen my children learn through it. I love keeping my house very cold and I love sleeping with lots of pillows. I have trouble reading anything fiction, but I love a good old sappy movie. I love pajamas and I am obsessive about everyone in my house taking a bath and smelling good before we go to bed. love taking lots of pictures and I like them to be upclose. I love decorating for every season, especially Christmas. I love anything that my family can do together. I think the only drink in the world is Coke and is possibly its own food group. I love to sing in the shower, but I love hearing my children sing when they are in the shower even more. I love that all four of my boys are so different and I savor each moment with each of them. I identify candles by their flavor even though they are not a food. I despise potty talk and even with four boys I insist on good manners and no crude or gross noises. I still believe in chivalry and I am teaching my boys what that looks like. I love my life!!! I seek to honor God and serve Him in all that I say and do and my hearts desire is that when all is said and done He will say..."Well done, my good and faithful servant."

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