Monday, March 21, 2011

"A Heart and A Hand of Worship"

I absolutely love to worship my Savior. Music that sings His praise is the only music for me. I will blast "I Will Follow" and "Jesus Messiah" while I clean my house, while I sew and especially while I drive. I love that the message of the words of worship begin to take root in the hearts of my children. As my 4 year old sings "Where you go I'll go, where you stay I'll stay, who you serve I'll serve, I will follow you" I know fully that this is the message I want engraved in his memory. He could have "friends in low place" or sing of "apple bottom jeans" but I refuse to allow the world to have any more of a hold over my children than what the sin nature and the other unwelcome evils already pursue. As we drive to and from where ever we might be going we have a praise and worship session. Just today on the way to soccer Caleb says, "Who took Chris Tomlin out of the car?" Wishing that we actually did have Chris Tomlin singing to us in the car I remembered that I had be jamming to the praise while I cleaned today. I was the guilty thief. We found other music to worship to, but I love that he has a favorite. My favorite worship story was last week as we kept the roads warm during spring break, we were singing, worshipping and I was driving. As I sang louder and my heart began to truly worship in spirit and in truth I raised one hand in praise to my king and I hear..."Whoa, whoa lady, both hands on the wheel. Here I will worship for you." As Caleb spoke the words he lifted his hand in praise and sang a little louder. I don't think worship actually works that way, but I know I got a good chuckle out of it and I'm sure our Savior did as well. I knew his heart. He was thinking, "If my momma keeps worshipping like this in the car, we are ALL gonna be worshipping Jesus face to face very soon." I have laughed about that day so many time. Caleb knew my heart. He knew I wanted to worship my Jesus, but he also knew it is important to keep both hands on the wheel. He was ready to serve. I provided the heart and he provided the hand and we worshipped. "Worship Him in spirit and in truth." Luke 19:40 says "If they keep quiet, the stones will do it for them, shouting praise." I don't want the rocks to cry out on my behalf. I WILL PRAISE HIM!!