Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Run to Obey"

Earlier this week Matt was in the back of the house and he called, “Jacob, could you please come here.” Jacob quickly jumped up to run to his daddy but as he ran back I heard him say, “Yes sir, am I in trouble?” He was not in trouble. His daddy just wanted to show him something, but he was quick to obey. Actually, he ran to obey. For years I have told my children, “Run to obey.” That is a phrase used quite often in my parenting vocabulary. Jacob was not sure what his daddy wanted but he ran to obey. I wish I could say that I always set that example for my children as I run to obey my Father, but I have not. God has been working in my heart and Matt’s heart for a few months. We knew what it was leading up to but we continued to question...”Why Lord?” “How Lord?” “What then Lord?” As we waited and waited the stirring grew greater and greater. We could hear His voice but we were certain He would not call us to blindly obey. Not this time. We have 4 children, we have people that depend on us, there are people that will be hurt and even disappointed in us. “Lord, it will make more since if you just tell us what and why.” BUT GOD said, “Obey and I will show you the next step.” I heard it clearly but decided to keep it a secret. Maybe I wasn’t really hearing His voice and after all I have to submit to my husband. That was my spirit of justification that sounded very spiritual. About 2 weeks ago Matt heard the same voice and same word...”Obey and I will show you the next step.” I wanted to stomp and say “Dog gone it. It was His voice.” But as I heard my husband pour his heart out to me I knew we had heard the voice of our God clearly and I knew what we had to do. Wow! This was going to be hard. The next day Matt obeyed and I cheered him on. So many things are uncertain and there are so many things that don’t make since, but I trust my Savior and I want to run to obey Him. I knew we would disappoint those that we love and others would just be hurt or even mad, but Matt’s response, “I would rather disappoint the world than disobey my Savior.” As we were sharing our hearts with our children Caleb said, “Well the Lord has spoken and we obey. We NEVER disobey our Lord.” The fact that my 12 year old has that messaged inscribed upon his heart blesses my soul and I pray that as he watches his daddy lead by example that he will become a man who is just as obedient. Sometimes God calls us to obey even when it does not make sense to us. My heart holds firm to the fact that He sees tomorrow clearer than we see today and He works all things for our good and His glory. I do not walk forward in fear but in confidence. I am emotional, but I am excited. He is my refuge and strength and He does not delay. His peace reigns in our hearts and my time with Him is even more precious knowing that I have RUN TO OBEY.