Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome To Our Traditions

Welcome to our home this Christmas!

This Christmas I decided to do some things a little differently. I wanted to rearrange some of our Christmas decorations, but I was quickly out voted by 4 precious little boys who have grown to be very sentimental and who thrive on tradition. I never realized how much until this year. They remember just how we decorate everything, what songs we sing while decorating, what movie we watch as soon as the decorations are put up and the fact that as soon as the decorations are up it is time to each clementines and white covered chocolate pretzels. I was a little disappointed at first that my boys would not let me be creative and do some new things with our decorations, but the disappointment quickly subsided and I was overjoyed that they care so much about our family tradition. With great joy I followed the traditions that apparently Matt and I began 15 years ago. It is the prayer of my heart that the vision of our home at Christmas will not be the only legacy that my children cling to so tightly, but that the love of our Savior will always be just as important and just as much a part of their lives as the twinkling lights they remember each Christmas. Our home is always a fun place to be, but there is just something about celebrating our Savior's birth with all this bling and fanfare that makes our home a retreat, a haven, a magical, peaceful place to be. We welcome you to our home this Christmas!


  1. Monica--it is beautiful! I still remember having lunch at your house 2 years ago and it looked so beautiful and homey. Thanks for sharing it with us. Blessings!

  2. Wow !!! You have a beautiful Christmas house ! I love that you all decorate and go all out. So fun ! Our house this year - well, let me just say it looks a little naked compared to yours. Maybe next year I will be motivated to decorate more because I love Christmas ! and so do the boys ! and Maggie !!!
    Merry Christmas