Saturday, December 18, 2010

And The Praises Begin...

As Matthew is in surgery I want to start pouring out the praises. We found out this morning when we met with the Dr. that there was a considerable difference in the MRI within the 48 hours time span between the 2. The Dr. said had our Dr. not caught this when he did Matthew would have gotten in trouble really fast. Praise 1 - GOD'S TIMING IS PERFECT AND HE HAS BEEN LAYING OUT THIS SCHEDULE. Praise 2 - DR. BLOUNT SAID THIS IS A TEXT BOOK CASE. THE TUMOR IS ONLY THE SIZE OF A BABY LIMA BEAN. Praise 3 - MATTHEW HAS BIG PASSAGE WAYS IN HIS BRAIN THAT MAKES THIS PROCEDURE MUCH EASIER. (We knew he had a big brain.)

We are singing and praising this morning. Matthew is AWESOME! We will let you know more when the Dr. comes out. We are hopeful! So now we want to get down to the business of why he sent us here. Pray for ministry opportunities!!


  1. I am praying for Matthew right now. He sounds like the most amazing young man. Today my youngest daughter turns 12 and is the most amazing prayer warrior. I bet she and Matthew would be terrific friends. She will pray too!

    May God's most tender mercy pour out into your lives today. And may God give super natural strength, discernment, and ability to your doctors. Trusting and praying~ Lysa

  2. Just found this post and am taken back, but thankful that our God is not!! We both know that it is always bigger than us when God walks us through a trial. I am thankful for you and the ministry your family has for our Lord Jesus Christ!
    May we encourage each other and press on as the days go by. Please tell Matthew that his God knows the mighty warrior he is and that he is such a strong witness for Him! May our God continue to envelope you in His mighty arms of love, joy and peace!
    We will join in the prayer coverage!
    Love from the Mitchell family!

  3. Monica, we are praying for you all as you go through this. We love you!

  4. i am praying for you...i had a little boy last friday and we found out about three hours after he was born that he had a heart defect and had to be flown to a nearby hospital to have heart surgery he is doing much better now but still recovering...i know how scary it is