Saturday, December 18, 2010

"He's Got It Covered"

Last night I could not go to sleep. All I could do was pray. I knew that I needed to rest at some point yet sleep would not come. Around 3:00 my phone beeped and it was a facebook message from a friend saying, "While your American friends sleep, know that your friends in England are praying." I was released and I knew that God had it covered. He had placed His prayer warriors all over the world. Today I have reports from friends in Chile, China, Brazil, Mexico, England and Jordan. They have been praying and praising. God took care of scheduling the intercessory prayer. Oh what comfort that has brought to my heart. If I even began to list the states where people were praying we could be here all night. Matthew said earlier, "Isn't it neat to think that this morning people were praising God ALL OVER THE WORLD at one time." I am hoping to compile of list of the songs God laid on the hearts of His people to sing and make Matthew a CD or the praises that were lifted up while God was guiding the hands of his Dr. Matthew also said, "Mom, I think the reason I have done so well is because all of these people have prayed and have PRAISED God." Not to us, but to your name be the glory!!


  1. Dear Monica:

    I am on the staff of Proverbs 31...and Glynnis sent out your email to us. I, too, praise Jesus for hearing so many prayers for Matthew. I pray that God's hand stays on Matthew as he heals. I pray that you receive the rest that you must need. I thank God for being there...and He is.

    You chose to worship when you could have been overwhelmed with anxiety. are an inspiration to me.

    Bless you and your family and sweet Matthew!

    Kelly Langston

  2. Monica,

    I have walked this road with my son and Glynnis sent me your email as well.

    I am praying now for your sweet Matthew.

    Stay strong.

    Much, much love,

    Tammy Nischan

  3. Hey Monica! One of the special things we did when my niece was in the hospital was to get a map and put it on a huge cork board... and we put a pin in each place we knew that someone was praying. It was such an encouragement to look at the overwhelming amount of pins representing prayers lifted up for Hope. We are praying...
    Love ya, Ginger Key

  4. Monica,

    I was listening to a CD I downloaded for giving massages and it has become a treasure the last few weeks when I am alone with God. One of the songs that was going through my head while Matthew was in Surgery was "Agnus Dei" Opt 11 by The Sixteen. It is a beautiful arrangement by a choir and I could vision the doctors hands operating on Matthew. It is not your "typical" worship song for many, but as you said people all over the world were singing praising "the Lamb of God" for his ultimate sacrifice he made for us. I believe in times like these, to visualize warriors fighting for us helps us truly understand the beauty and POWER of God. I love you and your family. You guys have been instrumental in our walk with God and ecpecially now, seeing how much control and grace you have shown in watching your precious son go through this is a true testimony in your faith! Can't wait to have a party with the Hawkins! :) Tell Matthew we love him!