Friday, December 4, 2009

"Twelve Days Until Christmas Break"

The boys and I wanted to do something special for their teachers for Christmas. We thought about different gift ideas, but could not come up with anything that truly shared the hearts of my boys or really focused on the true meaning of the season. We wanted to share with them the love of Jesus and do something that the boys could help put some thought and love into. We decided to share and give to them for the 12 days before Christmas Break. Here is a poem that I wrote for their teachers. We are sending a little gift each day to show them that we love them. Try it. I pass it along to you!

Twas twelve days til CHRISTMAS BREAK
When all through the school
Not one little child
Followed one single rule

The students were antsy as
They sat in their seats
Dreaming of Sana Claus
Whom they hoped to soon meet

The teachers tried hard to
Follow their plans
As they encouraged little friends
To please raise their hands

Everyone was excited
Because Christmas was so near
It was hard to believe it was
That time of year

They tried to stay focused
They tried to stay kind
But the teachers and students
Had something else on their minds

Cocoa and cookies
Presents and lights
Singing Christmas carols
And sitting by the trees Christmas night

Just a few more days
And school will be out
And teachers and children
Will all give a shout

A gift each day
We thought we would try
To make the twelve days
Go quickly by

Little gifts they may be
Because not much could we pray
But what a wonderful way
To celebrate Jesus' birthday!

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