Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Oh Be Careful BIG Mouth What You Say."

I feel the need to start by telling you that if you had asked me years ago if I would be raising 4 little boys I would have thought you were crazy. Me and little boys just didn't seem to make a good fit. I have been known to be prude like. I despise gross noises and there was a time when I was very proper in everything I talked about. Conversations that included nakedness, fighting, bodily functions and the like would not have been discussed in my presence. Now I am blessed to be raising 4 little men and I don't look quite so prudish anymore. Don't get me wrong...I still believe in manners but I have lightened up a lot. Last Monday night we were sitting around cuddled up as a family talking about Christmas. Joshua said, "Mommy, what do you want for Christmas?" "Well, Joshua I could use some lavendar vanilla candles and a new food processor. I would love a macbook, but I know that won't happen." Matthew says, "Mom what would you do if you got a macbook?" Leaving my prudish ways behind and hoping to get a laugh from my boys I said in what is now apparent little faith, "If I get a Macbook for Christmas I will run down the street naked." Bahahha! The thought of this is pretty funny to little boys and seemed pretty safe to me because I know Matt Hawkins and I also know how much those computers cost and Matt has been very clear that when we save enough we can get one, but delayed gratification. Sunday morning was our children's play and then we had a creative team meeting at our house right after church. I lit a fire and everyone was making homemade hot chocolate when my husband hands me a card. (This seemed a very odd time to be getting a card, but let's just see. "To My Darling Wife" this is what the front of the card said. Now I was curious. What timing? Why in the middle of a creative team meeting? I opened the note and it read... Please excuse yourself to the back, The time has come for you to pack, One bag is all you and I will need, One more for the other one plus three, Christmas pajamas is all they need, to spend the night with papa and mimi, as for you and me, we shall need what folks normally wear to dinner and a movie, this time where you and I shall go, is for you to guess and me to know, so please bid our guests a fond adieu, for pop pop and grandma arrive at two. I sat on the couch in shock and began to cry. I am married to an incredible man every day, but then he goes and does something like this and blesses me beyond what I could ever deserve. We got in the car and started driving. I soon realized we were on our way to Birmingham. I knew because we were on 280 and because I saw a Popeyes Fried Chicken. have to know your landmarks. We pulled up at our hotel and checked in and Matt said we needed to hurry up and drop the stuff off because we were going to a movie at 5:15. There was a show coming, but it was not at the theatre. We arrived at The Summit a little early and we were waiting on our "movie" to start when Matt said, "Hey let's walk in the Apple store." Groaning I followed, but I knew the drill. We would go in, we would look, I would dream, I would covet, I would become discontent and we would leave with me needing to go before the Lord with some confessing and in need of an attitude adjustment. All things considered I followed my husband and convinced myself to be strong and keep my hands in my pockets so I would not be tempted to come in closer contact with my dream than I needed to. We looked and then Matt did something he never does. He asked the apple man for some help. I stood confused, but still keeping that guard up. They chatted and talked about gigabytes and megabytes and then I heard something I understood. It was not computer jargon. I heard the words "We'll take it!" I heard the words, but were they actually coming out of Matt's mouth. My jaw fell open but no words would come out. I saw that out of the corner of his eye he saw my astonishment and he had this adorable grin on his face, but he did not make eye contact with me. When Mr. Apple walked away I fell into the arms of this incredible man and I was overwhelmed. We left there about 45 minutes later and I was a Macbook owner. Can you say cloud nine? As we walked to the car Matt said well guess who has to walk down the street naked. OH MY WORD! I had forgotten about that. What had seemed so impossible on Monday and had driven me to take a self inflicted dare, was now a reality. OH be careful little (BIG) mouth what you say. I called the boys to tell them about my wonderful surprise and they all said, "Oh no you have to walk down the street naked." Would they really hold me to that? Could they actually think I was serious? We encourage them to let their yes be yes and their no be no and to always be true to your word, but does nakedness and a possible arrest count. Of course we talked about it when we got home. Matthew was a definite "No mommy we don't expect you to do that. It was just a joke. It would totally not be appropriate." And then there's Joshua and Caleb..."Mommy you promised, you have to do it, You can't go back on your word." OK are we really even debating this. I mean it is 30 degrees, I have bronchitis and I will not, do you hear me I will not, now or ever run around outside naked. SO I say "Guys you know mommy could go to jail for going outside without her clothes on." Caleb thought for a moment and said, "Well I guess we could bring your gifts to the jail. Would they let us?" Merry Christmas Momma!! Joshua said, "I'll be satisfied with the bet if you will just run outside naked and touch just one foot on the grass. They won't throw you in jail for that." After being surprised that the conversation went on that long in steps Daddy. "Hear me now, no one will be leaving this house naked. It was a bet. Mommy is not breaking a promise, she was being funny. We will not hold her to that." And Mommy will be more careful what she jokes about from now on. Children take us at our word. They are very literal. I am revisiting going back to my prudish ways. Oh so the word naked has been used a lot and that is really not what I want you to walk away remembering. "You know that lady that wrote that naked blog."  First I just want you to know how blessed I am to have such an incredible, thoughtful husband. Second, it made me realize that the things we view as impossible are the very things God desires to make possible so He can show himself to us through them. In my mind a macbook was impossible, thus my offer to walk naked. (Please know that I never intended to do that nor would I ever do that. It was to get a laugh out of my boys who took it a little too literal.) God made the Macbook possible through my husband's hard work and his creativity. I do love the macbook, but I received something even greater this weekend than a macbook. I received an opportunity to grow in my marriage and to build my admiration and heart of thanksgiving for my husband. Not because he bought me the computer, but because he loves me so much that he wants to spend time with me. He secretly planned this whole thing. He loves me that much. Not that I ever doubted it, but oh how wonderful to be shown that love in a very special way. I lay here tonight basking in the blessings of my life. Happy that I am loved, that I have humorous children, that I am fully clothed and warm and that I am typing from my new macbook as my wonderful husband snores beside me. This holiday season bask in your blessings, remember that the thought and the heart that goes into the gift is greater than what's in the package. Remember to be careful of thinking NEVER and taking absurd dares because of a lack of faith. God can do immeasurably, abundantly more than all we could ask or imagine.

Ephesians 3:20

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