Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"But the fruit of the Spirit is "responsibleness"?"

Before I begin I want to make a disclaimer and tell you that my Caleb is one of the funniest, most talented kids that I know. He keeps us laughing all the time. He has an extremely quick wit and is very laid back until it comes down to playstation football. Caleb likes to win! He has been known to repeatedly start a game over when loosing to ensure that it does not get recorded in the computer and if by chance someone else wins, then they must have cheated or the equipment was not working properly. Now I love that he has a heart to succeed, but this week it went a little too far. I am one of those moms who said I would NEVER have a television in my child's room and I am also one of those mom's who has learned to NEVER say NEVER. We have a rather large television in the boy's room that was given to us by their grandparents and it is an awesome screen on which to play video games. (Don't judge me!) On any given rainy day you can find at least 3 but usually 7-9 boys huddled around the screen trying to have their day of glory as they take their electronic hero down the field for a touchdown. On this particular day Matthew, Caleb and Joshua were playing football without the aid of their neighborhood teammates. Apparently Matthew was beating Caleb pretty bad and in a fit of anger, maybe rage or just a plain lack of self-control, Caleb ripped the glass doors from their hinges and the TV stand was left open to all the elements in the Hawkins' home, namely Jacob. It seems that no one felt the need to inform Mommy and Daddy of this. Maybe it is some "brother code of loyalty" that I do not know about, but nevertheless it remained a secret until I went in to vacuum and found the doors neatly hidden "behind" the television. I think my exact words were..."What in the world happened in here?" Caleb's response was "Looks like I've been working out. I'm stronger than I thought." These are the moments that you want to laugh, but you dare not for fear that the punishment to come will not be as effective. I called for backup (aka Daddy) and we quickly informed Caleb of the severity of the situation. Matt was able to repair the TV stand, but the bigger, more important repair was Caleb's heart. I want to raise children of Godly character, not consumed by the acts of their sinful nature, but walking victorious over sin as they seek God's word and listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to their hearts. This is my mission and I have chosen with gladness of heart to accept it. Matt told Caleb that he was not allowed to play Playstation until 2010. (Sounds like forever, but actually it is only 3 1/2 weeks away.) And he is to have Galatians 5:22-23 memorized by the end of the week. Matt asked Caleb if he knew the fruit of the Spirit and began to list them...love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and do you the know the last one. Caleb answered "Is it something like responsibleness?"  "Caleb Galatians 5:22-23 says "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." Caleb prayed to receive Christ as his Savior in August. Now it is time for Him to understand the truth of Psalm 119:129-130"Your statutes are wonderful; therefore I obey them.The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." I want Caleb to understand how incredibly awesome it is to go to God's Word and to see it unfold and shine the light of truth on every part of our lives. God's Word is personal, it is true, and it provides the wisdom we need to overcome this world and the sins of this world. Caleb was faced with a choice- He could allow the Holy Spirit to fill him with self-control or he could, in a fit of rage, pull the doors from their hinges. He chose poorly. As his parents we are taking him to God's Word and helping him understand that as he unfolds the Word and obeys it, our furniture can stay in tact, but more importantly he can grow to become a man who honors God in his words, his actions and his attitudes. I pray that we too will unfold God's word and allow its light to shine in our hearts so that we can obtain wisdom and understand and obey His wonderful Word.

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  1. you and Matt are awesome parents! So proud of you and your family! So thankful for the Godly influence you had on my children.