Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Pray With Me"

I need the prayers of my friends tonight. My precious Matthew has struggled with allergies for years. He has often said that it is his "thorn in the flesh." He prays continually that God will show him the reason for these allergies and that he will be able to use them for the glory of God. I love that he has such an eternal mind when it comes to his struggles. Please pray with me. As a mother it breaks my heart to watch this incredible young man struggle each day to see normally, to breathe deeply and to make it through the day doing normal boy activities without the aid of many medications.

"Precious Jesus, you know Matthew better than I can and even better than he knows himself. You are his creator and you know him full well. Your wisdom is vast and your purpose is true. Matthew is your child and you created him exactly the way he his. For that reason, it is your wisdom I seek in knowing how to medicate, treat and help Matthew live each day without pain or fear. God, I know how much he hurts and suffers and I know how much he relies on you for his strength. God, in the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray for healing for this precious young man. His situation has left Dr.'s scratching their heads, but you oh God are his creator and you never stand baffled. You know the reasons, and you know the bigger picture of what you are accomplishing in his life. Lord, may we never seek the easy way out and in doing so miss the blessing of your perfect will. May we be willing to endure so that your power may rest on us in our weaknesses. Lord, we are all weak right now and we are resting our heads on your chest. As he lays here beside me tonight with streaks of red down his face, eyes swollen shut and breathing shallow, I am comforted in knowing that he is Yours. I am simply a steward for a time. God I pray that you would grant sweet sleep to your son tonight and healing to his eyes. Lord, show us the answers we need to help him get better. God, provide the resources and lead us to the right Doctors. God I thank you that he hears from you and I thank you that you have placed within his heart a desire to spread the message of the gospel. Oh Lord how convicted I was when this precious young man spoke these words to me, "Mom, I am being called to missions. I know it might not be best for my allergies, but if means breathing my last breath, I want to know that I did it obeying the will of my Father." Lord, give me the same obedience that lives within my 11 year old. Lord God grant peace to his soul tonight and heal him in Jesus Name. AMEN"

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  1. What a beautiful prayer, Monica....and a tearful devotion for me this morning!!! What a lesson!