Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"It Only Takes A Little"

Saturday morning we were having a baby shower for my sweet friend Whitnie to welcome her second little girl into the world. It was a breakfast shower and I was making gorilla bread. Since the shower was a morning shower I knew there was NO way I could make the gorilla bread that morning. I'm a night owl so after I had finished all my Friday evening chores it was time to make the gorilla bread. I pulled the biscuits that I had bought on Thursday out of the frig, opened the package and this is what I found. After a little gagging and lots of yucky noises, I realized I had to think. How was I going to make gorillas bread at 12:30 at night with these biscuits. I inspected the packages and realized that none of the seals were broken on my biscuit packages. I decided to open them and just maybe use them anyway. (Don't judge me!) I opened the first package and the biscuits looked fine, but they were very wet. I just couldn't do it. I was reminded of the scripture that says just a little bit of yeast can run through the whole batch. Just a little bit of mold can effect the whole package of biscuits. Just a little bit of sin can effect the whole person, the whole family, the whole body of Christ. I could have made the gorilla bread from these biscuits and no one would have ever known, until they got sick or were diagnosed with some awful worm or fungus. The same is true with the sin in our lives. Some sins are so secret that no one else will ever know. Right? They may not know the secret sin, but they will reap the hurt, the pain and grossness of that sin as it spreads through the whole batch. As the universal body of Christ our sins affect one another whether we realize it or not. As we allow sin to spread throughout our hearts and lives we become complacent, we become disconnected to the heart of our Savior. When we are not hearing from our Savior we cannot be obedient, we cannot meet the needs of others, we cannot serve others and we become a hindrance rather than an encouragement. Maybe your sin is secret and you think no one knows. ONE knows and that is the most important knowledge there is. You may think it does not affect anyone but you, but it does. A little yeast spreads through the whole batch. A little mold can ruin a whole baby shower menu. A "little" sin hung our Savior on the cross. A "little" sin affects our spouse. A "little" sin affects our children. A "little" sin affects our friends. A "little" sin affects the whole body of Christ. It spreads, it affects, it contaminates and it hurts. Sin ultimately results in death. Death of a friendship, death of a marriage, death of a testimony lived out before our children, but ultimately it led to the death of Jesus. I want to be as repulsed by sin as I was by that green, fuzzy, smelly mold that infected my whole batch of biscuits. I want to be able to fully grasp the concept that a small amount of yeast can effect the whole batch of dough. I don't want to live so narrow minded and self absorbed that I only think about the way my sin affects me and not how if affects others. Just only takes a little.

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