Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"For Such A Time As This"

I absolutely dread the start of school each year. I love being with my children and to be quite honest it is very hard for me to share them with others and to let go of them and let them grow up. As I was wrestling with these very issues before the Lord the other day, He spoke to me in that still small (LOUD) whisper and said, "Haven't you raised them and prepared them 'For such a time as this?' Let them go! They are mine!" God reminded me of a prayer I prayed years ago before we were blessed with children that if He gave me children I would raise them to love Him, to serve Him and to serve others and I would impart within them His vision for the kingdom of God. 'For such a time as this.' Isn't that why we were told to multiply? Malachi 2:15 says "Has not the Lord God made them one? In flesh and spirit they are his. And why one? Because he was seeking Godly offspring. So guard yourself in your spirit and do not break faith with the wife of your youth." God was seeking Godly offspring. We could go on and on with scripture that teaches us that these precious children have the ability to make a difference for the kingdom of God. "The things you have heard me say, entrust to reliable men." "The faith that first lived in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice now lives in you also." "Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young." "Teach your children and your children's children." Through the power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of my children they can make a difference. My children bless me more than words can express and now they have an opportunity to bless others. I have to share with you what my children prayed during our prayer time on the way to school yesterday. I love their precious hearts. Matthew prayed for Caleb and prayed that "He would have the desire of his heart and be the class clown this year, but he would have the wisdom to know how and when to be funny." Caleb prayed for Joshua. "Lord, help Joshua not to be nervous at a new school, help him to make new friends and if he wants to be the class clown help him to be funny, but not as funny as me." Joshua prayed for Matthew. "Dear Lord God, we love you so much. Lord, help Matthew to have a good year and make new friends and help him to find a mature friend that thinks like he does." My first thought was (Lord, help us all.) But, I was so blessed! Not because the resounding theme seemed to be that the Hawkins boys want to be class clowns, but because my children know each other so well and know how to pray for the desire of their brother's heart. 'For such a time as this.' I am "learning" to let go in so many ways. Hearing them pray for one another let me know that Matt and I are not the only ones who know them and can meet their needs. They know each other and are there to encourage and lift one another up. God has equipped them with gifts and personalities and quirks just like He has each of us. Early this summer I was asking Matthew if there was anyone he would like to have in his class to make his year easier and more fun. His reply was beyond MY years. "Mom, I don't go to school to have friends. I go to school to learn and school is my mission field. It is not about me. I make friends at home, at church, in the neighborhood and at soccer, but I go to school to learn and tell others about Jesus." Well, shut my mouth!! He knows his calling and he is focused and sure. Hearing his heart on this matter, how could I not let go and allow him to fulfill the mission God has set before him? Don't get me wrong, my children are still children. They are sinful children who get spankings and get grounded. They argue, they roll their eyes, they fight with each other and they struggle with their attitude. But, guess what...if you asked my Heavenly Father about me He would tell you the same thing. It does not disqualify me from serving Him. It makes me cling to Him and His forgiveness, love, mercy and grace even tighter and experience the Holy Spirit working in my life as He convicts and corrects me daily. 'For such a time as this.' I didn't want my children to go back to school. I don't want them going anywhere, but where I am, but I heard His voice clearly. 'For such a time as this.' Let them go. THEY ARE MINE.' He speaks and He speaks clearly. My daily prayer for my children is that God would hem them in. I pray that he would go before them and prepare their way and I pray that He would come behind them and have His way for the glory of His kingdom. Letting go is hard for me, but I remember what Corrie Ten Boom said so long ago. "I have learned to hold the things of this world loosely because it hurts so bad when God pries them away." I don't ever want to hold my children so tightly that I forget they are His. He may one day call them to serve Him in another country. He may one day send 4 young ladies who will marry my children and whose words and opinions will become more important in their eyes than mine. One day all too soon, they will drive in a car without me. Today they went to school with dozens and dozens of other children and dozens of teachers who are not their mommy. Today God called me to let go. There are so many ways that we have to learn to let go, but it is so much easier when I remember that they are not mine, they are His and He has entrusted them to me to prepare and to train 'For such a time as this.'


  1. awww..this was such a sweet post. isaac is only 18 months and I already know what you are talking about!!! :) You are such a great mommy Monica. But, I'm sure it came from all the times you "mothered" me growing up...i was such a perfect child wasn't i. ;)

  2. beautiful Monica...

    I had such a hard time letting go of Sophia too. It hurts my chest I miss her so much. Your blog was encouraging.

    I love your post! :)