Monday, July 12, 2010

"Tangled Up Like The Peppers"

First let me say that yes I know I have been a slacker where blogging is concerned, but I have been enjoying my boys and making lots of jelly. Thank you for the many inquiries, requests and threats concerning my blog. I will try to do better.

I walked out to my garden today not really expecting much of a harvest due to the heat and the fact that my cucumbers have decided to shrivel up and die. I was picking what little produce I could find and inspecting what is left of the so called garden when I noticed something strange about my pepper plant. My jalapenos looked thicker than usual and I was momentarily encouraged. I could see peppers and I could see blooms, but them I noticed a leaf that looked very different. That is when I realized that weeds were overtaking my pepper plant. Not only were weeds growing, but they were wrapped around each branch and stalk and were masquerading as part of the plant as the leaves peaked out of the top and had small yellow blooms. These weeds were taking on the characteristics of this pepper plant with such deception. My plant at first glance appeared thicker and healthier. As I tried to untangled the weeds I had trouble identifying the plant from the weeds because of the tight hold those vines had on my beautiful pepper plant. Any of this sound familiar? I began to think about sin and how it does the same thing in our lives. As first glance those "sins" seem to make our life more full, but the truth is the same. Those weeds (sins) are seeking to ultimately destroy us. Just as the weeds on the pepper plant, our sins become so entangled that sometimes it is hard to tell the truth from the lie. We become deceived as these sins take up root within our lives and produce temporary blooms of pleasure. Sometimes it is so hard to identify these sins because they become such an unfortunate natural part of our lives. After all we look better than the pepper plant growing beside us, but are we really? If I leave those weeds entangled around my pepper plant they will eventually choke the life out of my plant and it will not longer produce fruit, it will shrivel up and it will die. The same is true of the sins in our lives. As we become entangled and deceived we cease to bear fruit, we become dry and weary and eventually we will die. We have to learn how to identify those weeds (sins) and learn how to kill them from the root. We have to cut them out like a cancer and leave clean edges so that they do not return. It is not enough to just untangle them and keep them close by in the hope that they will not do any damage. God has called us to bear fruit, His fruit. We cannot do that if the sins of this life are choking out our source of nourishment. Scripture talks about "the sins that so easily entangle." It is spelled out that it is not hard to become entangled in sin. It is easy. Why is that? Because that is the sneaky, deceptive way that the devil works. Weeds can be appealing. They can look like a healthy plant. They can bloom and they can grow strong until they leech onto the true plant and suck the very life out of it. Sin does the same thing. It looks appealing. It offers the unfulfilling promise of pleasure and reward. It is so easy to welcome it in before ever realizing the damage it can cause. (Momentary pleasure) We must live aware and alert and rid our heart of sin daily. "Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right Spirit within me." As you awake each morning pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing and pray for protection from head to toe. Pray for your mind, for your eyes, for your ears, for your mouth, for your heart, for your hands, for your feet. Pray and ask the Lord Jesus to guard you and to allow you to bring Him honor and glory in ALL things. Be ever mindful and watch and be aware so that you don't become tangled up like my pepper plant.

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