Thursday, January 21, 2010

"That Says It All!"

Tuesday night the boys and I were snuggled up watching a movie when we got an alarming phone call. I had already talked to my parents and we had "tucked each other in for the night" as we call it. Which basically means we won't talk anymore tonight because we know all is well and we are all going to bed. About 9:30 I got a phone call from my Mother saying to please pray because my Pappy had been put in an ambulance and was on his way to the hospital. That was all she knew. Because we were watching a movie the boys were up way past their usual bedtime, but it was no accident. They apparently were awake so we could all pray. I hung up the phone and told the boys we needed to pray for Pappy. Jacob said, "Me first, me first, I pray for Happy (that is what he calls Pappy)." His prayers were sweet and to the point. "Jesus, make Happy better." Caleb was next with his prayers which cover things the rest of us don't think about. "Jesus, please don't let the ambulance get in a wreck and help the Dr. not to drop Pappy off the table and we pray that they won't give him the wrong medicine. Amen." Reminds me of how Eeyore might have prayed had he been a believing donkey with a spirit. Joshua prayed next. "Jesus, we ask you to keep Pappy safe. He is not just our family, but he is our friend and we love him so much. We are not ready to lose him so please heal his body whatever is wrong. Amen." Each boy shared his heart and prayed for our adored Pappy. Usually I let all the boys pray and then I close, but Matthew prayed next and this is what he said, "Lord God please put your healing hand upon Pappy and touch his body, give Grammie courage to face whatever comes and give the rest of us faith to know that you are God and you are mighty to Save. AMEN. IN JESUS NAME!!!" What else could I possibly say. That said it all. I agreed in Jesus Name and we waited with great expectation to watch God answer these prayers. I was reminded of the scripture where Jesus basically says when you pray to get to the point and just share your heart. "Matthew 6:7 NIV And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words." Matthew did not babble with many words, which honestly is amazing. He sometimes has trouble putting his thoughts into words, except when he prays. He is very clear, precise and the message of his heart shines through. I was blessed beyond measure. My precious boys went to bed with full confidence that Pappy would be fine. They had a total peace. I am excited to share with you that God answered their prayers specifically. Grammie was full of courage and remained strong, totally trusting in her Savior for strength. God did touch Pappy's body and  healed him. And the rest of us had a night of faith building. We know that God is mighty to save, but we were able to practice our faith that night. I am also relieved to share with you that the ambulance did not wreck, they did not drop Pappy off the table and all medicines was administered correctly.  God used my children to put my heart at peace that night. I was also encouraged to lose the babble and just share my heart. I like to think I do that, but there are times I get caught in the trap of being wordy. I feel the need to explain the situation to God either for my benefit or for the benefit of those who are listening. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to shorten your prayer life, but I have been encouraged to shoot straight. Matthew prayed some tough stuff. Courage for Grammie was very important, but courage to face whatever comes. I don't want to even think about what that could have encompassed, but by praying that, Matthew entrusted it to God, basically saying, "God it is our desire to see Pappy healed, but give us the courage and faith to face whatever your will might be." I am usually guilty of praying one way. My way! We say...may your will be done in this situation, but do we pray for the courage of God to handle it if the situation is not answered according to "our will." Sometimes we just assume "our will" will be His will. Are we ready if it is not? Are we ready to receive His grace and His courage and to allow Him to be God without questioning "WHY?" Oh to have the faith of a little child. "God may we learn to pray according to your will, to accept your will graciously and to receive all that you have for us as we dwell in your presence and in the center of your will. Teach us how to pray Lord Jesus. Amen.

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