Monday, November 9, 2009

"A Precious Friendship!"

"Mom, I am usually so busy running and playing that I tend to pass people by, but I really believe God was drawing me to Momyrt 2 years ago. I really loved her and I know she loved me." Matthew shared this with me the other night after our precious friend Momyrt went home to be with the Lord. Matthew met Momyrt at church a few years ago and they had a bond from the very beginning. Every Sunday after church as I would search for Matthew, I could always find him sitting with Momyrt. They would talk and laugh and just spend time together. Matthew was able to be her escort for 2 different parties she had at her retirement home. He prayed for her and would always inquire about her when she was not at church. Last year he had the privilege of dancing with her at her 85th birthday. Momyrt began to have increasing heart problems a few weeks back and was in the hospital. Matthew was very sad that he could not go and see her in hospital, but with recent age restrictions it was not an option. He prayed and prayed. One night he came to me crying and said, "Mom, I just don't know how to pray anymore. I want to keep her here, but I feel so selfish. I know she would be happier with Jesus and she would not have heart problems anymore, but it is so hard to pray that way." I assured him that God knew his heart. I encouraged him to pray for God's will to be done. Momyrt went home to be with the Lord last Monday night and though Matthew was happy for her I have never seen his little heart break like that before. He lost a friend. He knows he will see her again one day, but he has had some sad, tear filled nights. What a precious friendship they had because "God was drawing him to Momyrt." Oh, how this convicts me. I too am guilty of just passing people by because I am caught up in me and I am busy! Do you ever wonder if we miss out on precious life changing friendships because we don't stop, but we just pass people by? I don't every want to miss a blessing because I am so caught up in myself that I can't stop and be a friend. I know Matthew loved Momyrt, but I also know Momyrt loved Matthew and she was blessed by this precious young man who prayed for her, hugged her and spent time caring about her. Who is God drawing you to build a relationship with? After the testimony of the precious friendship and Matthew and Momyrt, I will be looking and praying for those precious relationships that only He can build. I want to leave you with a letter that Matthew received from Momyrt's daughter the night he danced with her and helped her celebrate her 85th birthday. As you read this I invite you to celebrate her life with us.
Momyrt’s Hands

I have noticed, when I touch her hands, that I can feel her slightly enlarged knuckles, swollen by arthritis.
I have noticed that her skin feels a little bit loose, and that her hands are really a bit skinny.
And I can also feel in her hands that she is fragile in many ways.
But let me tell you about the strengths that I remember in her hands as well.
Momyrt used her hands, when she was a young girl, to pick cotton in the fields.
She used her hands to iron her daddy's shirts when she had to heat the iron in the fireplace because they had no electricity.
She used her hands as a young mother to wash our clothes in a wringer-type washing machine, and then to hang the clothes on the line outside to dry in the sun.
She used those hands to lovingly care for her newborns and young children, and to prepare meals (delicious meals, I must say) for her husband and her loved ones.
And those hands patted out many a biscuit and many yeast rolls.
Her hands have applauded her children and her friends in their many accomplishments, have cleaned many dishes (without a dishwasher), and have tenderly delivered medicines or soothing caresses to us when we were sick.
Her hands have picked out tunes on the piano keyboard, and her hands have written many sweet poems.
And tonight, you held those precious hands, and you helped to make her night!!
You helped her enjoy her 85th birthday, while she was enjoying some of her favorite music, and some of her favorite people.

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