Friday, September 24, 2010

"Easily Offended"

Have you ever known someone who was easily offended? I know a person like that...Me! Over the years it has gotten better, but I can get offended at the silliest things. What did they mean by that? Why did they look at me that way? How dare they speak to me that way? It offends, it hurts, it festers and left untreated it can allow a root of bitterness to grow. I was recently offended. My feelings were hurt. I felt that I had been treated unjustly. I was sharing this with my dearly loved, wise friend who is my confidant. She shared with me that Lord had been teaching her "how NOT to be offended." She explained that it was a choice. We can choose NOT to be offended. What a freeing concept! My 11 year old recently lived this concept out in his own life, thus encouraging momma bear to do the same. Matthew is in the fifth grade and recently he asked a question in class. The substitute teacher for that day was VERY ugly to him and got in his face embarrassing him in front of the whole class. I did not feel that his question was out of line and I asked him how he responded. He said, "I just said, yes ma'am and let the class laugh." Well momma bear broke out the claws and was heading to the school to have a talk with the administration. That was to be this substitutes LAST classroom experience. Matthew begged and pleaded with me not to address the issue. "Mom, maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she thought I wasn't paying attention. I can get over it and let it go. I don't mind if the students laugh at me. I can handle it. Just please let it go...I don't want you to be known as 'that parent." Matthew made a choice NOT to be offended. He was letting it go and laying it down. Proverbs 19:11 says "A man's wisdom gives him patience, it is to his glory to overlook an offense." It is to our glory to overlook an offense, to forgive and move on, to decide not to become bitter. So often for me, my offenses are born out of pride. I think of myself more highly than I should. I am not saying to let people run over you, but remembering a quote I once read, "The only right we have as Christians, is the right to give up our rights." I like to stand on my rights. I like to think I am above persecution, ridicule and being spat upon. Jesus was not above these things. He lived and walked just as we do yet without sin and he was not exempt, yet He did not revile and He did not hold a grudge. He chose NOT to be offended. He chose to forgive. The next time you are treated unjustly, unfairly or someone hurts your feelings, remember you have a choice. You can choose to NOT be offended.

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  1. Monica, saw on Renee's blog that you're sock challenged and I wanted to share my totally freeing sock concept. I have four children close in age and they all buy different colors. One daughter wears pink, one gray. The boys one black and one white. I don't even match them anymore. I just give 'em each a pile. haha

    What a beautiful challenge for us as women today. I was just thinking yesterday how different my list of friends would look if I had offered the grace I've been given instead of the hurt I felt.

    Nice to meet you!!