Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I Recognize That Apple"

You've heard the phrase "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." To be quite honest I have never really understood this phrase. Of course it doesn't. Apples fall from the tree and they stay on the ground near the tree. Where else are they going to go? It would seem strange to say, "that apple fell from that tree and ended up way over there." Do you see what I mean? The same is true with our children. When they are raised in our home and with us day and night they are going to resemble us. Good or Bad!!! This week I have had no trouble recognizing my little apple. Matthew is so much like me in so many ways. I see many similarities that are me made over today and some that resemble who I use to be when I was younger. Matthew has a precious heart all the while standing for truth and justice. The first day of school he came home and shared with me that he was having trouble knowing how to minister to a certain young girl in his class. "Mommy, she doesn't believe in Jesus and I don't know how to share with her." Matthew has prayed for this young lady this entire school year. He has taken every opportunity to share the love of Jesus with her even to the point of standing up to a band of bullies that were picking on this friend. Matthew shared with me today after some dramatic circumstances which I will share later, that he has one week left to share Jesus with this friend and he feels like he is failing. Earlier last week Matthew decided to write her a letter as one last attempt to plead with her to accept Christ. Possessing his mother's lack of grace and his father's lack of tact, this is what the letter said, "Please become a christian. I know you believe something else but if you don't after you die you will spend eternity in hell.(i am not cussin) But God has given us a second chance. You see every one (except Jesus) should be in hell. But God sent Jesus to die the most painful death so we could go to heaven. Please become a christian." Don't get me wrong, I am so proud of his boldness and his zeal and love for the Lord Jesus. I love that he prays and hears God speaking to him. He has prayed about how to share with this friend as the year end approached and God told him to "Be Bold." I love that he heard God and he obeyed. He and Matt had a long talk about focusing on the aspect of Heaven and rejoicing with Jesus instead of focusing on the impending doom of hell. Even though we know hell is a real place and we believe in it, we want unbelievers to understand the joy of spending eternity with Jesus. I shared with Matthew that salvation belongs to God. It is not Matthew's mission to save his friend. Only God can do that. Matthew has done what God has called him to do. He has been the light of Jesus this whole school year. He has been her friend and he has stood for truth. He may never see the fruits of his labor. He may merely be the seed planter, but he has been obedient and he has been bold. That is all that God has asked of him. What an awesome learning time for Matthew. Yes, he scared a little girl. Yes, he upset her parents who are of a different religion. Yes, Matt met with the assistant principal to find out about all of this, but oh such a small price to pay to learn how to obey Jesus and then have the faith to the leave the results in His hands. I do not want Matthew to back up, let up or shut up. I want him to continue to share the love of Jesus. We are helping him work adding grace and tact to his presentation and on having the faith and patience to leave the results to God. Matthew has had a defining moment of growth this week, but so have I. I have had to ask myself the question...when was the last time I shared my faith so boldly, not walking in fear of rejection or consequences. Matthew also gave his teacher a letter saying he would receive any punishment that might be coming as a result of his letter, but he had to obey God. He was not punished in any way, but he was willing to face punishment if necessary. His heart was obedience and the focus of his existence this year has been to see this friend come to faith in Christ. He may never know the outcome, but he was obedient. I love him for that. May you and I be as bold and share our faith with as much zeal, passion and persistence as Matthew has this year all the while leaving it in His hands. Salvation belongs to our God, who sits upon throne.
Matthew 28:19 NIV

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 28:31 NIV

Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. Well I am in shock he "got in trouble", but what else would I expect in these times we live ? I am so proud of Matthew ! He is your little evangelist and I know how proud you must be !

  2. He didn't really get in trouble, he just stirred up some trouble for the school. I was very blessed at how supportive and understanding they were. They did not want to do anything to discourage Matthew's zealous testimony. They just wanted Matt to be aware of what was going on. I have been blessed beyond belief at his school this year and their incredible staff. He has a little mission field, but luckily he is not alone. He is just the only one allowed to be BOLD. I am very proud of him. I love that child.

  3. What's most important is he obeyed. I have a poem I keep in my bible I'd like to share & it's called: My Friend--you may have heard it.

    My friend, I stand in judgment now
    and feel that you're to blame somehow.
    On earth I walked with you by day
    and never did you point the way.
    My knowledge then was very dim,
    you could have led me safe to Him.
    Though we ived together here on earth,
    you never told me of the second birth.
    and now I stand this day condemned
    because you failed to mention Him.
    You taught me many things, that's true.
    I called you friend and trusted you.
    But I learn now that it's too late
    and you could have kept me from this fate
    We walked by day and talked by night
    and yet you showed me not the light.
    You let me live and love and die.
    You knew I'd never live on high.
    Yes, I called you friend in life
    and trusted you through joy and strife.
    And yet on coming to this dreadful end
    I cannot now call you my friend.
    [Author unknown]
    I keep this glued in my bible because it reminds me why I'm here. Yes, Matthew did what he was suppose to do & I know the Lord is smiling down on him saying, "job well done".